Image of Personalised Juniper Jupiter paperback

Personalised Juniper Jupiter paperback

£12.00 / Sold Out

I have a handful of copies of Juniper Jupiter for sale, each will come with a personalised front page, illustrated and dedicated to whomever you so wish! Please include the name/names of your child/children/friend/relative/pet in the order.

"Juniper Jupiter is a real-life superhero. It's no big deal. She's super brave, super fast, super strong, super smart and she can even fly, but something is missing. What is a hero without an amazing sidekick? It turns out that lots of people want to be a superhero's sidekick, but none of them are quite right. They're too big, too scratchy, too weird, too scared, or WAY too prepared… will Juniper ever find the perfect one? This is a fun and feisty story about friendship and learning to value what you already have from the winner of the 2017 Waterstones Children's Book Prize, Illustrated Book Category for There's a Tiger in the Garden"